A trip to Ida-Virumaa

August 5, 2020 I undertook a trip to Ida-Virumaa. The preparation took quite a long time, because there was a desire to embrace as many different things as possible. Initially, the plan was to start the journey through Tartu County and move along the Tartu-Jõhvi highway to Ida-Virumaa, but this […]

Lasnamäe kirik ja linnahall

At one point, I became interested in taking pictures of Lasnamäe Church, with a drone. There was nothing, the planned move had to be made. I packed things up and left. Although the plan was only to fly the drone, I did not leave the camera. When I arrived, it […]

Sunset at Suurupi

At the end of one summer day, a wish emerged to take pictures of the sunset. I didn’t look at the weather forecast, just looked at the sky. There were enough clouds for it to be creating something. I chose Suurupi, the beach at the Maritime Communication Center, as my […]

Riisipere, Nigula, Rohuküla, Haapsalu

I went to take pictures in Riisipere, Nigula, Rohuküla and Haapsalu. It was a so-called drone day, where I didn’t even take pictures with the photo. The trip started from Tallinn and the first destination was Riisipere. There was a desire to take pictures of Nissi Church with a drone. […]


This was a photo trip that took place in spring, the description of which I will now write here. The trip was as follows: Tallinn – Keila – Seljaküla – Variku – Vaisi – Nõva – Rannaküla – Harju-Risti – Keila – Tallinn. I took pictures at Variku, Nõva and […]

Keila-Joa in spring time

Keila waterfall is a well-known place for everyone and so is it for me. It’s perhaps so well known that I don’t get there much. But sometimes you still have to go there. So I gathered myself and went to see Keila waterfall. I went to both the waterfall and […]