Since I am sometimes asked what camping equipment and photography equipment I use, I will add reviews of the equipment I have acquired to this blog. This text is not sponsored by anyone. I chose the product and paid for it myself.

On my travels, always a good companion is a multitool. One way or another, I use it on virtually every trip. The main applications are knives and scissors, but the pliers are sometimes useful. I use other tools less, but I can be sure that I have the necessary tools that I can use when needed. In addition, my multitool also has a set of screwdrivers that may be needed, for example, with photographic equipment (fixing bolts). The latter are attached with a magnet.

What kind of multitool do I use then? My choice is Ganzo G202. I actually have two of them. One is with me every day, the other has found its place in a photo bag.

The Ganzo G202 has a total of 24 tools (including screwdrivers). Comes with a bag where the tool can be stored with screwdrivers. The weight of the tool is about 300 grams.

I have been using this product for about a year. Everything works well, nothing has started to fall apart. The knife and scissors have remained sharp. My demands for this tool are met more than amply.