Treppoja, Pakri peninsula and Paldiski

I had thought for a long time that I should go to the Pakri peninsula again. There has always been something interfering with my getting there. But this time I decided to go. I also added the Treppoja waterfall.

The trip started from Tallinn and the first destination was Treppoja. There were no people there, but it was because it was a working day. The waterfall was quite water-rich and the surroundings were therefore rather muddy.

When the pictures had been taken, I drove to the Pakri peninsula. First, to the very top of the peninsula. The weather was cold and humid, but the wind was not strong, so I was able to fly the drone.

Then I moved on to the limestone cliff of Uugla, where there is a staircase installed by RMK, where you can go down the cliff. This staircase is quite steep and has high steps. There were no problems going down, but the climb up was exhausting, because I also had a photo bag of twenty kilos on my back.

There were also some fishermen who had walked about 100 meters to the sea. At the same time, a ship called “Elbe Highway” left Paldiski, which should be a ship specializing in (new) cars.

Elbe Highway.

Elbe Highway

Elbe Highway

The sun was setting and I had plans to take more pictures of the Pakri lighthouse with a drone. So I quickly climbed up the stairs, got in the car and returned to the lighthouse again. I let the drone fly to the lighthouse and took the last pictures with the drone.

The top of Pakri lighthouse.

Darkness had arrived and now it was time to start getting back home. But even before the real way home started, I stopped in Paldiski central square, which has got a new look. There was also a nice Christmas tree standing there.

And then there was the drive home. In total, the trip lasted about 7 hours.

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