Ehted vol. 2

Nagu eelmises ehete postituses kirjutasin, tuleb looduse pildistamise kõrval tegeleda ka teiste valdkondadega. Seekord pildid käevõrudest: Kui on huvi neid ehteid osta, siis seda saab teha e-poe kaudu.

Ehted vol. 1

Vahetevahel tuleb tegeleda looduse pildistamise kõrval ka muude asjade pildistamisega. Selles postituses panen välja mõned pildid ehetest (käevõrud ja kaelakeed).   Kui on huvi neid ehteid osta, siis seda saab teha e-poe kaudu.

I took pictures of dripping water 2

I made more photos of dripping water. In fact, the water has been added milk, food colours and xanthan gum. The whole photo session took about 6 hours, I took almost 1900 pictures, and I kept about 90 photos. These are the photos this time:

I took pictures of dripping water

For some time now, I haven’t been able to go into wild nature and therefore I haven’t posted on the blog. But now I took pictures in my home, namely of water dripping. This was the first time I had taken such pictures. I will do more such photo shoots […]

Insects on a sunny day

I had once again set my mind on going to take pictures of insects. The destination was Järve forest in Tallinn. I’ve been there before to photograph insects, but this time I went to a different place there. There were many bees and butterflies there, but as the day was […]

Insects on Viimsi peninsula

I decided to go photographing insects again, this time on the Viimsi peninsula. The weather was sunny, which is not very suitable for taking pictures of insects, but I decided to take advantage of the day. There were quite a lot insects on the move. They were very active and […]

Insects on Pakri peninsula

This time I went to take pictures of insects a little further from home, on the Pakri Peninsula. I didn’t know exactly who to meet there, but I thought I’d go take a look. And there really were a lot of insects. I didn’t actually come across any special species […]