Putukad Pakri poolsaarel

Sellel korral käisin putukatest pilte tegemas kodunt veidi kaugemal, Pakri poolsaarel. Ega ma täpselt teadnud, keda seal kohata võib, aga mõtlesin, et lähen vaatan järele. Ja putukaid seal tõesti jagus. Tõsiküll ma ei kohanud seal mingeid erilisi liike. Liblikaid oli päris vähe, ehk on põhjuseks tuuline piirkond, kuigi tol päeval […]

Insects at Türisalu

I’ve taken quite a few pictures of insects this year. For a change, it’s pretty good to photograph them, especially on hot summer days. No need to carry a heavy photo bag, no need to drive very far, no need to walk long distances. This time I decided to take […]

Exciting world of insects 3

As has become the norm this summer, I go to take pictures of insects from time to time. So again this time. I went to an old familiar place again, because there are quite a few insects, from flies to butterflies. This time the weather was much hotter than before, […]

Exciting world of insects 2

Kuumade ilmade tõttu ei viitsinud seekord kuhugi kaugele sõitma hakata. Seetõttu otsustasin teha jälle väikese sõidu metsa äärde, mitte väga kaugele oma kodunt. Läksin samasse kohta, kus käisin ka eelmine kord, kuna seal oli putukaid päris palju. Ka seekord tegin umbes 1,5 tunnise jalutuskäigu. Pildile jäid sellel korral järgmised putukad:

Water drops on a leaf

For some time now, I had had the idea to take pictures of water drops on a plant leaf. However, due to lack of time, the idea had not been implemented, but now I found the time and made the idea a reality. For the plant leaf, I used the […]

Exciting world of insects

Summer is in full swing and insects are climbing and flying around. So this time I decided to take a trip dedicated specifically to photographing insects. I thought a little about where to take pictures of them and found a place near my home. A little drive and I was […]

Photos of dandelion seeds

Dandelions have stopped blooming in many places and the seeds are ready. So I took pictures of them. Some time ago I did a similar photo session, although then I used a slightly different photo technique. In order to be able to take pictures, I had to bring some dandelions […]

I took pictures of dandelions

I had long thought that I should take pictures of dandelion seeds, but then I had nowhere to pick them. But now was the time for the dandelion seeds to be available outdoors. So I went to pick some near home, put them in a box and brought inside. And […]