The buds of tree leaves are opening

Spring has now advanced so far that the tree leaves are coming out of their buds. The leaves-to-be are no longer too small nor at the same time too large, which is why I went to take pictures of the opening tree leaves. In particular, the leaves of the horse […]

I photographed the blossoms of a house plant

Spring time is here and many houseplants are blooming. So I decided to take a picture of a plant that stood out with the beauty of its flowers. I didn’t take many pictures this time, but the moment of flowering was captured in the photos. The plant I photographed was […]

Photo session of crocuses

Some time ago I made a post about a photo session of snowdrops. Now was the time to take pictures of crocuses. The weather was somewhat windy that day, but it didn’t interfere with photographing crocuses. Adding to the charm was the fact that when I began, it started snowing. […]

Photo session of snowdrops

I had been thinking for a while that I should take pictures of snowdrops. Didn’t really have to go far, which is why it was more a matter of undertaking. The weather was quite windy that day, which made it somewhat difficult to take pictures, but I got the necessary […]

Water Droplets on Glass vol. 2

I’ve taken pictures with a similar method once before. This time I tried again. A good simple method that does not require special tools. You can find the photos of the previous time here What I used: a camera with a macro lens, a glass plate, books for holding the […]

Water Droplets on Glass

This time I decided to take pictures of water drops on glass at home. Easy method and no special tools required. What I used: a camera with a macro lens, a glass plate, books for holding the plate, a tripod and a tablet. In addition, a windshield washer fluid to […]

I photographed dripping water

Work at home continues. This time I took pictures of dripping water. For previous experiments, I had obtained suitable container, which I could use again. I achieved different colours in the pictures thanks to the coloured background papers.