Põllküla, Madise, Laoküla

I hadn’t been to Paldiski for a long time. That’s why I gravitated toward there on one nice autumn day. The trip started from Tallinn, through Keila I moved on to Põllküla. In the meantime, I stopped by the roadside to take a picture of a nice birch grove. Some […]

Autumny Pirita

There came an opportunity and a wish to go to Pirita to the forest and the Pirita river. I picked the most suitable day and drove there. The aim was to photograph trees and riverside life. I didn’t go for a simple walk. I had been to some places there […]

Waterfalls of Vasaristi and Nõmmeveski

I decided to take pictures of Vasaristi and Nõmmeveski waterfalls. Initially, the plan was to go to Joaveski as well, but I was pressed for time and didn’t make it there. The weather was beautiful that day. The wind was weak, the sun shone from time to time between the […]

Vahiküla and Keila

This trip wasn’t really intended for photographing, but exploring a few new possible shooting locations. In other words, I had looked up some interesting places on maps that could be photographed in suitable weather, and now I wanted to look at the reality. There were a few trees of interest […]

Vihasoo, Käsmu, Jõelähtme

This time I took a slightly longer walk in the forest and coast of the Käsmu peninsula. Before that, I went to Vihasoo to take pictures, and later after Käsmu went to Jõelähtme. The first destination was Vihasoo. The drive took me straight from Tallinn. I wanted to get a […]

Kakerdaja bog

I went to Kakerdaja bog to take pictures of the sunrise. Beforehand, there was a lot of preparation to figure out what day would be the best place to go to the bog. The conditions were that the cloud cover should not be too dense and there should be fog. […]

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