Food and drink on a winter photography trip

Since I have been asked this from time to time, this time I thought of writing down what I would take with me on my winter photo trips for food and drink. Also what are the technical aids for cooking and eating. Drink I started with the drink first. As […]

Ice grippers and cleats

During the winter, when it is cold outside, my hikes always have ice soles and cats with me. The reason, of course, is simple: not to fall. This is not a sponsored post. I have paid for these products myself and selected them for myself. Unfortunately, ice is everywhere with […]


This time I will write down my thoughts on an important camping device, the headlamp. The headlamp accompanies me on every photo trip, even in summer, when it barely gets dark at night. But even in the summer, a lamp is still needed, even if to look for something in […]

Hand warmers

From autumn to spring, I always have hand warmers in my photo bag. I don’t always use them, but then at least it’s good to know that I have them with me and I can grab them from my bag right away if I need to. Which ones do I […]

Vallerret photographer’s gloves

I’ve talked about my new photo gloves in my posts before, but now I’ll do it for longer. Let’s say at the outset that this is not a sponsored post. I meet the wishes of many users to talk about their camping and photo equipment. For a while, I was […]


Since I am sometimes asked what camping equipment and photography equipment I use, I will add reviews of the equipment I have acquired to this blog. This text is not sponsored by anyone. I chose the product and paid for it myself. On my travels, always a good companion is […]