New photo bag – MindShift BackLight 36l

Some time ago I wrote a post about a new photo bag. It was a Lowepro Protactic 450 AW II, which is a very good photo bag and I have nothing bad to say about it. But it was small for me. I have quite a lot of photographing equipment (cameras, lenses, accessories, drone) that I take with me when hiking. In addition, there is other stuff, be it extra clothes, food, etc. For the latter, the Lowepro bag was small for me.

The new bag is a MindShift BackLight 36-liter bag. I carefully chose which bag to get. I watched quite a few different videos on YouTube. There were several candidates to be considered, but not all of them were easily available in Estonia. But I found the Mindshift bag and I ordered it.

This is not a sponsored text. I chose the bag myself and paid for it myself.

Good bag and I like it, but as always there are some things that I think could be different. I was aware of these shortcomings and there were no surprises when I received the bag. First, the shoulder straps could be a little wider. Secondly, the waistband could be removable, as I often don’t use it.

I’ve already taken a long walk of a couple of hours with this bag. And I’m happy. There is enough space to bring a drink, food, cutlery, small snacks, etc. to the walk. I have to get used to the shoulder straps because they tend to groove in the shoulders, but this has also happened with other new bags. After all, the body is not used to it yet.

The Lowepro bag is still in my use, but mainly when I go for a walk in the city, for example, where many things can just be left in the car and I don’t have to carry them with me.

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