This time I was in a bit of trouble choosing a destination. The soul longed to go to a certain place, but lack of time did not allow it. I had to find a place closer to home to take pictures. Paljassaare stood out.

So I packed my things and set off. I had previously thought that if I got there, I would make a drone flight over the garage settlement there. And that was the first goal. This place is located on Laevastiku Street. I drove there, parked the car and set the drone ready to fly.

What made being there “special” was the terrible smell of gas. It was so strong that my head started spinning a bit. I flew the drone shorter than usually because it was quite unpleasant to be there. I don’t know the exact source of the smell, but the ports are nearby, probably came from there.

Old water tower on Laevastiku street.

I sat in the car and drove to the top of the Paljassaare peninsula, where there is a parking lot. There weren’t many people there, just a few, especially dog walkers.

The weather was cloudy, humid, cold, but not very windy. Fog could be seen farther over the sea.

I took my photo bag (this time a brand new photo bag) and set off on foot. I moved along the seashore towards Väike-Paljassaare. As the days are so short currently, I did not even attempt Suur-Paljassaare. At sea, ships moved back and forth between Helsinki and Tallinn. I saw 4 ships, 2 coming, 2 leaving Tallinn.

An apple tree there had dropped apples under the tree.

I walked a little along the seafront, then continued along the boardwalk. After the boardwalk was over, I progressed more slowly. A little along the road, then back to the sea and I took some photos. Everything was frozen by the sea. Carelessly, I stepped on the sand, which was completely frozen. The ice couldn’t be seen at all. In some places I put ice cleats on my boots to cope better with slipperiness.

A remnant of the soviet time.

There is fog at sea.
There is fog at sea.

So I walked to the top of the peninsula. When I got there, I had half an hour until sunset. Once the sun peeked through the clouds and I got some pictures from that moment.

Now was the time to start going back. The return trip was faster because there were fewer photo stops.

When I got to the car, it was already sunset. A small meal in the warm car and then drive home.