My Photo and Hiking Gear

Since I am asked quite a lot about what I use and what I take with me on my hikes, I thought I would make a page where I would write down all the tools I take with me. Of course, I don’t bring all the equipment for every trip or hike, only as needed. Much depends on whether the hike is with an overnight stay or not. When I spend the night, I generally prefer to sleep in the car, which is why I don’t take my tent with me very often.

I always have a lot of things in the car, so I don’t take all the things on this page with me on the hike.

This is not a sponsored text. I have selected all the products myself and paid for them myself.


Photo bag (36 liters. I currently use a photo bag called Mindshift Backlight 36 l. For smaller hikes, if I need to bring less equipment, I use a bag Lowepro DroneGuard BP 250 or Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II.)
Waterproof cover for the photo bag
Clip for attaching the camera (2 pcs. I have a clip for holding the cameras mounted on the photo bag. A good tool if I don’t want to put the camera in a bag or hold in hand. I can quickly attach the camera to the strap of the photo bag and remove it if necessary. Product name is Peak Design Capture v 3.)


Camera (3 pcs, Canon 800D)
Normal zoom lens (Sigma 17-50mm f / 2.8 EX DC OS HSM)
Macro lens (Sigma 105mm f / 2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro)
Telephoto lens (Canon EF 70-200mm f / 4 L IS USM)
Extension tubes (Kenko Extension Tubes)
Flash (2 pcs, Meike MK-320)
RGB lights (2 pcs, Aputure MC RGBWW)
LED Light (Litra Torch 2.0)
Flash diffuser (Falcon Eyes MR-0912T Speedlite)
Tripod (Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ ja Sirui statiivi T-1004XL)
Mini tripods (2 pcs, Ulanzi MT-08)
Drone (drone, remote control, additional batteries)
Drone landing pad (I usually let the drone fly off my hand, in the same way I let the drone land on my hand. I use the landing pad for keeping drone-related equipment on it, to avoid putting them on wet grass or the like. Sometimes I use the photo bag for the purpose, sometimes the landing pad, according to need.)
Backgrounds (photo paper and laminated)
Syringes and nozzles (for close-ups)
Spare batteries (for cameras, drone, headlamp, flash)
Filters for camera lenses (ND, infrared, polarization)
Infrared filter (Hoya R72)
Drone filters (ND)
UV filters (in front of all lenses)
Cleaning brushes, microfiber cloths, pump (all for cleaning lenses and filters)
Scissors (for close-ups when a leaf or twig needs to be cut off from the view)
Clamp (I use it during close-ups when it is necessary to keep a plant still. Whimberley plamp)
Wireless trigger (Canon RC-1)
Filter remover (Sometimes filters tend to stick so hard in front of the camera that they cannot be removed by hand. With the filter remover, the filters can be unscrewed.)
LCD magnifying glass (for viewing the camera screen in sunny weather)
L-Bracket (I have an Arca Swiss-mounted L-Bracket attached to the camera)
Small illuminated magnifying glass (to check if there are any marks on the lens or filters (especially on the drone))
Memory cards and memory card wallet (I always have a total of 12 memory cards with me (3 for each device: 3 cameras and a drone). I use Sandisk Extreme Pro and Lexar memory cards.)
Camera strap (I use a Peak Design Leash. All cameras have quick-release clips that I can quickly attach to the strap.)
Hand strap (Peak Design Clutch CL-3)
Intervalometer (2 pcs, JCC TM-C)
Tool of photo equipment (SmallRig 2213-SR)


Sunglasses (Julbo Aero Cat. 0 … 3, with photochromic lens, i.e. the brighter the light, the darker the glasses)
Small camping chair (I use it especially for close-ups, Walkstool Basic 50)
Larger hiking chair (for longer rest, with backrest)
Warm bags (2 pcs so that you can put them into the sleeping bag to warm up in cold weather.)
Headlamp (Petzl Actik Core 450 lm)
Lantern (A small accessory to put a headlamp into so that it can function as a lantern. Petzl NOCTILIGHT.)
Tent (Coleman Darwin 3+)
Sleeping bag
Inflatable sleeping mat (Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Topo Large)
Pillow (Therm-a-Rest pillow)


Gas can (usually a gas can of approximately 100 grams)
Gas can base
Travel cooker (MSR PocketRocket 2)
Windshield for camping stove
Lighter and piezo lighter (I mainly use a piezo lighter, the lighter comes with a spare)
Hiking utensils (GSI Outdoors Halulite Minimalist)
Spoon, fork, knife (GSI Outdoors, stainless steel)
Thermos (Thermos 470 ml)
Water bottle (Klean Kanteen 532 ml, stainless steel, 2 pcs)
Multitool (with pocket, plus various tools, Ganzo G202)
3-8 liters of water in a tap can (quantity as needed, for drinking, eating and washing)
Food (usually packaged dry food that can be quickly prepared by adding water)
Drink (usually tea in winter, water or juice in summer)
Snack (muesli bars, chocolate, etc.)


Hiking pants (Tru Spec 24-7 XPedition Ranger)
T-shirt (merino wool, Aclima LightWool)
Thin waterproof jacket (Weather Report Delton)
Thin gloves (Cheap work gloves bought at a construction goods store. They don’t last very long, maybe a few months, but then you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy new ones. I paid about 1.50 €.)
Hiking boots (Keen Oakridge MID WP)
Hiking socks (2 pairs, 1 pair always as a spare in a photo bag in case your feet get wet, Lorpen T3 Light Hiker)
Rubber boots (Viking Elk Hunter Light)
Thin tube scarf (Icebug IceTube)
Hat (beanie)
Umbrella (Eberhard Göbel Dainty Automatic)


Hiking pants (Tru Spec 24-7 XPedition Ranger)
Warm underwear (Aclima Lightwool and/or Aclima Warmwool)
Hat (Fjällräven Keb Fleece Hat)
Photo gloves (warm, Vallerret Markhof Pro 2.0)
Hiking boots (Keen Oakridge MID WP)
Rubber boots (for melting snow, Viking Elk Hunter Light)
Hiking socks (2 pairs, 1 pair always as a spare in a photo bag in case your feet get wet, Lorpen T3 Light Hiker)
Jacket (waterproof, with hood)
Tube scarf (thick, fleece, GWinner Combo II)
Gaiters (Ferrino Stelvio)
Ice grippers and crampons (crampons: Climbing Technology Ice Traction Plus)
Hand warmers (JahtiJakt hand warmers)
Umbrella (Eberhard Göbel Dainty Automatic)


Gauze bandages
Wound dressings
Band-aids (different sizes)
Blister band-aids
Antiseptic cleaning wipes
Ibuprofen (for pain)
Carbon pills
Tick hooks (larger and smaller, O’Tom)
Tick and mosquito repellent (Diffusil Repelent, Lavender Oil)
Thermal film


Toilet paper
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Microfiber towel
Wet wipes
Hand sanitizer
Hand cleaner (If water is not available, but your hands need to be cleaned.)
Protective lipstick (Required in cold weather)


Headphones (wireless, GCY QS2)
Smart phone
Tablet (if I stay the night)
Wrist watch
Bank card pocket
Garbage bags (Small and large. If necessary, I can use large garbage bags (60 litres) as a base for a photo bag on a dirty surface.)
Waterproof sheet (necessary on a wet surface to keep all gear dry. I also lie down on it if I want to take pictures close to the ground.)
Seating mat
Power bank (20,000 mAh, USAMS 20,000 mAh, Mosaic)
Camera USB Battery Chargers (Although I always have several camera backup batteries with me, I may need to charge them. Then I can use the power bank to fully charge the camera batteries.)
Necessary cables
Monocle or binoculars (the monocle is always with me in the photo bag, I take the binoculars with me as needed. Binoculars: Nikon Aculon A211)
Some carabiner clips (for hanging something, either on a belt or a photo bag)
Empty plastic bags (Ordinary store plastic bags so you can pack something if needed.)
Shower caps (I use it to quickly pull on the camera in case of rain, so that the photo equipment does not get unnecessarily wet. Simple, cheap and quick tool.)
Valid permits to fly a drone 
Saw (Mainly in the car. I’ve used it when there was a fallen tree on the road. It has been needed a few times.)
Elastic cable ties (Think Tank Red Whips)


Camera (Canon 800D)
Normal zoom lens (Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 EX DC OS HSM)
Macro lens (Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro)
Flash  (2 pcs, Meike MK-320)
Flash wireless trigger (2 pcs, RS-60E3)
Color filters for flash (2 pcs, Selens Gel Flash Filters)
RGB lights (Aputure MC RGBWW)
Tripods  (Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ and Sirui statiivi T-1004XL)
Mini tripods (2 pcs, Ulanzi MT-08)
Backgrounds (photo paper and laminated)
Photo backgrounds (Different patterns. For product photos.)
Fabrics (for product photography)
Syringes and nozzles (for close-ups)
Water drop system
(Miops Spash Water Drop Kit)
Mini tripods (8 pcs. For holding up backgrounds or plants. Small tripods for holding a smartphone purchased from Aliexpress, to which I added some accessories on my own.)
Food colors, glycerin, xanthan gum, cooking oil, etc.
Various dishes (for photographing dripping water)
Glass bowl (for photographing water drops)
Artificial plants (for product photos)
Glass stones (for accessories in product photos)
Photo tent (for product photography)
Product photo props
HDMI – HDMI Mini cable (for watching live view of the camera directly from the monitor screen)
Softbox (2 pcs, Godox SBUSW6060)
Softbox (2 pcs, Godox SA-30)
Barndoor Kit (Godox BD-04)
Video LED Light (2 pcs, Godox SL60W)
Light Stand (2 pcs, Godox 304)
Background Stand (Paluz 200x200cm)