Christmas tree in the Tallinn town hall square

On the first day of December, I thought it appropriate to go to Tallinn Town Hall Square to take pictures of the Christmas tree there. There was no snow in Tallinn that day, but that was all right.

Above all, I wished to take pictures with the drone, because this market is not open indefinitely and one never knows what the weather may bring.

The weather was relatively calm that day and that’s why I decided to go. I took my photo bag and drove there. I went across Vabaduse Square and via Harju Street. There was a really interesting light installation set up on Vabaduse Square, but I decided to take a picture of it on the way back when it would already be dark. The weather was cloudy, so no special light could be expected. When I arrived, it was still light and I made a few clicks with the camera. For certain reasons, the Christmas market was much smaller this year. Immediately it caught the eye that the Christmas tree did not have a beautiful top this year, it was somehow rounded. There was not much crowd in the square as it was a workday afternoon.

Santa Claus was also present, but in an interactive form.

I found a place to fly the drone. I flew the drone a while and took as many pictures as I could.

When the pictures were taken with the drone, I took the tripod and went to the Christmas market to take pictures again, this time in the dark.

Time went by fast and I started going back, because I still needed to take pictures at Vabaduse Square. I captured the above-mentioned light installation, Harjumägi hill and the pictures I took from Harjumägi looking at the high-rise buildings.

Christmas decorations on Harju Street.

If the snow falls during the Christmas market and the weather allows, I will go take more pictures, including with a drone.

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