Rummu quarry and ash-hill

This time I decided to go to Rummu quarry and ash hill. I also thought at length about whether to apply for a permit to fly a drone for a trip there. As the area there is located near the Ämari air base, you must apply for a permit to […]

Water Droplets on Glass

This time I decided to take pictures of water drops on glass at home. Easy method and no special tools required. What I used: a camera with a macro lens, a glass plate, books for holding the plate, a tripod and a tablet. In addition, a windshield washer fluid to […]

I photographed dripping water

Work at home continues. This time I took pictures of dripping water. For previous experiments, I had obtained suitable container, which I could use again. I achieved different colours in the pictures thanks to the coloured background papers.

Which lenses do I use?

I have been asked a lot about which lens one or another picture was taken with. That’s why I’m writing about the lenses I use on a daily basis in this post. I bought all the lenses myself, so this is not a sponsored post. In general, I have 2 […]

Water and oil vol. 2

In a previous post, I wrote about how I took macro photos of a mixture of water and cooking oil at home for the first time. The first time, there were some errors, which I now fixed. I also got a suitable glass container, which made it much easier to […]

Water and oil vol. 1

Due to circumstances, I haven’t been able to go to nature for a while, so I decided to try macro photography with water and oil. This was my first experiment with this technique. I received my lessons and next time I will try to correct the mistakes I made. It […]

Taking macro photos at home

Due to circumstances, I haven’t been able to go to take pictures for a while. So something had to be invented. I thought then that I would take some macro photos of household things. Didn’t take many pictures, just a few.

Food and drink on a winter photography trip

Since I have been asked this from time to time, this time I thought of writing down what I would take with me on my winter photo trips for food and drink. Also what are the technical aids for cooking and eating. Drink I started with the drink first. As […]

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