This time I will write down my thoughts on an important camping device, the headlamp. The headlamp accompanies me on every photo trip, even in summer, when it barely gets dark at night. But even in the summer, a lamp is still needed, even if to look for something in the car.

I’ll tell you right away that this is not a sponsored post. I myself made the decision which headlamp to buy, and I also paid for it myself.

I have had all kinds of headlamps, but I had a plan to buy something more decent. The main reason is that when it was quite dark outside, my former headlights simply did not emit a light intensity that would make it safe to, for example, walk in the woods. So I was looking for a new headlamp. After all the possible recommendations, the Black Diamond Storm headlamp was the first choice. However, as it was not very easy to obtain in Estonia at that time, I did not purchase it. Next in line was Petzl Actik Core 450 lm headlamp. I researched its data and compared it with other candidates. I also watched a lot of different videos on YouTube. And then I decided it was my choice.

I’ve been using this headlamp for about 4 months now. If I stay on a trip until it’s dark, I will use this headlamp.

It is a headlamp with a luminous intensity of 450 lm. It’s great for walking in the dark. There is enough light and there is no need to worry about me falling or tripping over an obstacle. According to the official documents, it should cast light on a distance of 90 meters. Now this is difficult for me to assess whether it is the case, I have not measured the distance. But this lamp certainly throws light far.

The headlamp is small in size, weighing 75 grams. Fits nicely in a photo bag and doesn’t weigh much. Works with a special Core battery or 3 AAA battery. The Core battery can be charged with a micro USB cable, no charger is required, the cable goes directly into the battery. I always carry a spare AAA batteries with me in case I need them. The battery lasts for about 2-3 hours at full capacity (which I also use when walking in the dark).

The lamp has 3 different brightness levels, and additionally a red light which helps maintain night vision.

The water resistance of the headlamp is IPX4.

It’s a good headlamp. There is nothing to complain about over this lamp. I always carry it with me and use it when it gets dark. I also have a flashlight in my photo bag, but I don’t use it much when walking in the dark, if I have a headlamp. It’s just more convenient to keep one’s hands free because the photo bag weighs quite a lot.

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