Hand warmers

From autumn to spring, I always have hand warmers in my photo bag. I don’t always use them, but then at least it’s good to know that I have them with me and I can grab them from my bag right away if I need to.

Which ones do I use then? Let it be said straight away that this is not a sponsored story. To make a choice, I watched a lot of videos on YouTube and researched what was available on our commerce network. I chose reusable hand warmers. One reason, of course, is money. One-offs cost just under € 2. However, reusable ones are about 7 € and there are 4 pieces in the package. In other words, if I use 4 pairs of heaters in one day, the one-time ones would cost about 8 €, the reusable ones about 14 €, but the latter can also be used next time. Using for the third time would already pay off.

My choice were on JahtiJakt hand warmers. I bought 2 boxes or a total of 4 pairs of warmers.

I have now used them on practically every trip and have used them about 15 times. During this time, 1 pillow malfunctioned. None of them have leaked.

A metal plate inside the pads that must be bent to warm the pad.

The diameter of the pad is slightly less than 8 cm. That means I can push it into a glove. There is a small metal plate inside this little pillow. When it is bent, a chemical reaction occurs and the liquid inside the pad crystallizes, thereby generating heat.

The heating pad is heating up, the liquid has crystallized.

I haven’t measured exactly how warm it gets, but there’s enough heat to keep your hands pleasantly warm. I don’t think it could be held against the skin if it got even hotter. Warming up is very fast, it takes about 10 seconds. How long the heat stays depends on many things, for example, how much heat you want to keep, because the pillow starts to cool down. I have 4 pairs in my bag and that’s enough for the whole day to keep my hands nicely warm in cold weather.

To readjust the pads, keep them in boiling water for about 5 minutes. As a result, the contents of the pad become liquid again and it is ready for use.