Vallerret photographer’s gloves

I’ve talked about my new photo gloves in my posts before, but now I’ll do it for longer.

Let’s say at the outset that this is not a sponsored post. I meet the wishes of many users to talk about their camping and photo equipment.

For a while, I was looking for gloves that would be so warm at the same time, but would allow me to cope with photography in one way or another. More generally, there were three options:

1. The most common gloves. In other words, warm gloves that should be taken off every time I want to pinch the smaller buttons on the camera or, for example, touch the touch screen when flying a drone. But it turned out to be a stumbling block. What good are gloves if you have to take them off all the time. This is still especially difficult when flying a drone, because the remote control should be put down in the meantime.

2. The next option was the touch screen gloves. They are for sale in Estonia, but for the most part they are thin gloves. At least I couldn’t find one I liked. Another problem is that it would still have been difficult to pinch the smaller buttons on the camera or drone remote control.

3. And the last option was gloves that could somehow bring the index finger and thumb out from under the glove cover, just when needed. Other times, your fingers would be in the shade of a glove.

My choice fell in favor of the third option. I looked around the internet and researched the possibilities and again and again I noticed a company called Vallerret. They offered just the kind of gloves that might have suited me. But the trouble is that they were not sold in Estonia. Another option was PGYTECH photographer’s gloves. The main difference between these gloves is how the removable thumb and forefinger are attached to the glove. In the case of Vallerret gloves it is with a magnet, in the case of PGYTECH with small presses. It seemed a little difficult for me to mess with cold trucks in cold weather.

So I would have liked Vallerret gloves, but they were not sold in Estonia. For a while, the purchase stalled, but at one point I discovered that Vallerre gloves had also started to be sold in Estonia. And I didn’t think long then. It went into a transaction. The exact name of the gloves is Vallerret Markhof Pro 2.0.

I got the gloves in about a week. At first, it seemed that I had chosen the wrong size, even though I had measured my hand several times according to the instructions on their website. As a result of a little effort, I still got the glove too. When the glove was in hand, it was quite the right size, but it was somewhat difficult to put on. But now the gloves are stretched and fit pretty well. Larger size might be a slightly worse option.

Part of index finger inverted, magnetically attached.

Small zippered pocket.

So what do I think of these gloves? IM satisfied. They are warm, fit well in the hand, the hand warmers fit in the glove, the tips of the fingers can be lifted away and thus the photo equipment can be picked up.

These gloves also have a small zipped pocket, but I haven’t found an application for that yet. It’s probably for memory cards, but I’ll keep the memory cards in a different place.

The palm and finger parts of the gloves are covered with a rubber-like material. This helps prevent things from slipping when held in your hand. It really works.

On the downside, the magnet that holds the fingertips of the glove is somewhat weak. Could be stronger, especially your thumb.

Another thing with these gloves. Since my drone requires the compass to be calibrated from time to time, I was in serious trouble quite a few times because the compass could not be calibrated. Just fail and all. The reason was incomprehensible to me for quite some time. But then I realized – the magnets inside the gloves don’t let the compass be calibrated. That’s why I now take off my gloves when I calibrate the drone compass.

I didn’t add any pictures to this post, but I’ll add a Youtube video where you can see these gloves better.