Blue springs of Saula – the first snow

The weather forecast promised the first snow of this fall, and I had the idea to go capture it one way or another. There wasn’t much time, so the place couldn’t be very far away. And then the idea came to go to see the Saula blue springs.

And I set off. On the way from Tallinn to the springs, I saw all kinds of weather. In some places very heavy snow fell, then suddenly the weather was sunny. While the Tallinn-Tartu road was snow-free, the side road was still quite wintery when driving to the Saula blue springs.

I took my photo bag and a hot drink from the car and set off. Everything was nicely covered in snow. But since there was not much cold, there was also a lot of water and dirt on the forest road.

I took pictures of springs where I had to work quite hard to climb, because the hillside was very muddy and slippery. I also took pictures of various details (plants, leaves), and additionally of some mushrooms.

The last two tough ones.

The last three tough ones.

The weather varied there as well. From time to time it snowed, then again the sun came out from behind the cloud. This time I was lucky and I was able to fly the drone and take my pictures.

When walking back to the car, it started snowing again and the weather remained cloudy.

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