Sügisene mets

Seekord panen kirja ühe loo pildistamisest eelmisel sügisel. Varem polnud jõudnud seda lugu kirja panna, kuigi pildid olid juba ammu valmis. Tol korral oli pildistamise põhjus hoopis muus – auto oli vaja remonti viia. Kuna remonditöökoda asus päris kaugel ja ära poleks sealtkandist saanud muud moodi kui jala või taksoga. […]

Blue springs of Saula – the first snow

The weather forecast promised the first snow of this fall, and I had the idea to go capture it one way or another. There wasn’t much time, so the place couldn’t be very far away. And then the idea came to go to see the Saula blue springs. And I […]

In a mushroom forest

This time I was led to the forest by desire to take pictures of mushrooms. It was a so-called bloodless hunt where I didn’t pick mushrooms, just took pictures. Unfortunately, this time there was a little mess with the lens, which just stopped functioning. Each time I took a picture, […]