Sügis Muraste hiiemetsas

Sügisel käisin taaskord Muraste hiiemetsas. Peamine eesmärk oli märgata ja pildistada sügisega seonduvat, peamiselt makroobjektiiviga. Lootsin leida rohkem seeni, kuid neid eriti polnudki. Ainult mõne üksiku sain pildile. Aga muidu oli tore käik ja ühtteist sain ka pildile. Pildid said seekord järgmised:  

Sügisene mets

Seekord panen kirja ühe loo pildistamisest eelmisel sügisel. Varem polnud jõudnud seda lugu kirja panna, kuigi pildid olid juba ammu valmis. Sellised olid seekordsed fotod:

Foggy Saaremaa

Hereby I intend to describe a one-day photo trip to Saaremaa in word and picture. The trip took place in autumn 2012. The weather was cloudy on the mainland that day, but when I reached Saaremaa it started to fog. The fog did not dissipate throughout the day, so it […]

Blue springs of Saula – the first snow

The weather forecast promised the first snow of this fall, and I had the idea to go capture it one way or another. There wasn’t much time, so the place couldn’t be very far away. And then the idea came to go to see the Saula blue springs. And I […]

Paunküla hills

I had had it in mind that I should go to the hills of Paunküla, but in the meantime I had already completely forgotten about this place. Now that the leaves have fallen from the trees, I wondered where to go. And then I remembered Paunküla. Since wished to let […]

Lehmja oak grove

The weather forecast promised a foggy morning the next day. I was wondering where to go, so that I would not have to get up very early. Then I remembered the Lehmja oak grove in Jüri. There was a very dense fog in Tallinn in the morning, but approaching Jüri […]

Põllküla, Madise, Laoküla

I hadn’t been to Paldiski for a long time. That’s why I gravitated toward there on one nice autumn day. The trip started from Tallinn, through Keila I moved on to Põllküla. In the meantime, I stopped by the roadside to take a picture of a nice birch grove. Some […]

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