Jägala waterfall, Jõelähtme river, Linnamäe hydroelectric power plant and Ihasalu

It was a cloudy and dull day. I wanted to go somewhere to take pictures and Jägala waterfall and its surroundings were my choice.

I drove for a while and was there. Some other people had come to see the waterfall as well. Nobody really disturbed the photographing and did not get in the way of a picture.

First, the Jägala waterfall itself. I took pictures both from the top of the hill and from low hillside. The drone also received a check mark of a flight.

When the pictures were taken of the waterfall, I went to the junction of Jõelähtme river and Jägala river. I spent a long time there to take all the pictures I wanted. Jõelähtme river valley is a nice place to take pictures. I also took some cave pictures on the way.

Then I got in the car and drove towards Ihasalu. I walked around in the forest a bit and got acquainted with the nature and possibilities there.

After Ihasalu I started driving toward home, but also stopped at Linnamäe hydroelectric power plant. There were a lot of fishermen there, at times it seemed that there were more of them than fish. I didn’t go among them, but took pictures of the hydroelectric power plant, also with a drone.

Jägala city hill

It was a nice trip, I got a lot of pictures. Some of the new photography gear (ND variable filter, lens holder) had their first trials. I could be satisfied with these purchases.