Restless sea at Suurupi

To Suurup again! I had a wish to go to Suurupi again. I have been there many times and repeatedly, but there is still plenty to discover. So I packed my things, took a hot beverage and food along, and set off.

The first destination was the Romanovs’ bunker. The bunkers were never completed, the building of them stopped in an early stage. Due to this, there are two large holes near the upper lighthouse. If you didn’t know better, they could just be considered ponds. I also took a picture of one of them (which is closer to the lighthouse). I didn’t start going to the other one, because the road there was quite a muddy swamp.

View of the lighthouse.

Then I was already moving closer to the sea. I parked the car and walked to the sea. The wind was pretty strong and the waves roared. However, it was not the best place to take pictures. There were bushes near the beach and therefore difficult to take pictures, but I still got some pictures taken there.

On the way back to the car, I noticed a small maple tree with leaves in the middle of otherwise bare trees. But I didn’t get a picture of that tree that I would be happy with. It was just so tangled in the bushes. But the tree was otherwise great. All the trees around were bare and this small tree with completely yellow leaves. It was a unique sight.

I drove to the Maritime Communication Center. I took photo equipment from the car and moved along the forest road. After a while, I found a beach area that I liked. There was sand, big and small stones, and in the background the Pakri wind farm was visible. I also knew that the sunset was clearly visible from that place. And then I stayed there. The sea was quite restless there and came quite far up the beach, so I found myself a couple of times with my feet in the water.

I found a nice little pebble on the beach sand. I started to take a picture of it, and when the camera had been set in place, a sea wave came and took the stone into deeper water.

I was there until the sunset was over and it was pretty dark all around. I had to walk back to the car with the headlamp. Before I got in the car, I took some more pictures of the railway near the Maritime Communication Center, which leads directly to the sea.

And then it was time to head back home.