Lehmja oak grove

The weather forecast promised a foggy morning the next day. I was wondering where to go, so that I would not have to get up very early. Then I remembered the Lehmja oak grove in Jüri.

There was a very dense fog in Tallinn in the morning, but approaching Jüri via the Tallinn-Tartu highway, the fog began to decrease. When I reached Jüri, there was no fog or very little of it there. But once I was there, I had to go to the oak grove. I parked the car and walked into the oak grove. I hadn’t been there for a long time.

The forest had nice autumn colours and the oaks made a powerful impression. However, taking pictures there is not an easy task, because the undergrowth is overgrowing and good compositions are difficult to find.

I was there in the woods for a few hours and took pictures here and there. Before leaving, I also stopped by the named oaks there: the Best Man and the Groom.

When returning from the trip, the fog had also dissipated in Tallinn.

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