Paunküla hills

I had had it in mind that I should go to the hills of Paunküla, but in the meantime I had already completely forgotten about this place. Now that the leaves have fallen from the trees, I wondered where to go. And then I remembered Paunküla.

Since wished to let the drone fly there, I had to wait a while for a less windy weather. And then that day arrived. I packed my things and set off.

This time I was able to drive 120 km/h on the Tallinn-Tartu highway. In the past, the new road section happened to have a limit of 110 km/h. Near Kose, I turned onto the old Tallinn-Tartu highway. It’s now very strange to drive this road. It was only a short while ago that thousands of cars a day drove on it, but now there was complete silence.

I reached the hills of Paunküla. I took photo equipment and a hot drink from the car and set off.

Since I didn’t start the pedometer, I can only guess that I walked about 5-6 km. It took a total of 4 hours. But that was because in the meantime one has to take pictures too.

I didn’t go through the whole area, but definitely a large part of it. It was completely quiet and I only met one person during the whole walk.

It’s a pretty nice place. There were no more leaves on the trees, but there were still plenty of colours on the ground, although the beautiful yellow leaves had been replaced by browned leaves. But this is how it is with autumn.

When the tour was done, there was nothing else than to put things in the car and start back home.

But now about my trip via pictures.

Finally I flew the drone at Lake Mustjärv.