Paunküla hills

I had had it in mind that I should go to the hills of Paunküla, but in the meantime I had already completely forgotten about this place. Now that the leaves have fallen from the trees, I wondered where to go. And then I remembered Paunküla. Since wished to let […]

Waterfalls of Vasaristi and Nõmmeveski

I decided to take pictures of Vasaristi and Nõmmeveski waterfalls. Initially, the plan was to go to Joaveski as well, but I was pressed for time and didn’t make it there. The weather was beautiful that day. The wind was weak, the sun shone from time to time between the […]

Kakerdaja bog

I went to Kakerdaja bog to take pictures of the sunrise. Beforehand, there was a lot of preparation to figure out what day would be the best place to go to the bog. The conditions were that the cloud cover should not be too dense and there should be fog. […]

Maarjamäe and Pirita

I went on a small photo trip at Maarjamäe and Pirita. MAARJAMÄE The first destination was Maarjamäe Castle Park. There were no visitors in the park, but some staff were tidying the park: some cut the hedges, some cleaned the roads. But in general there were very few people. I […]

My photo bag

Now I have a new photo bag. I was wondering for a long time what kind of photo bag to get. I watched a lot of YouTube videos. One name “Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II” started going through there again and again. This bag was also available in Estonia and […]

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