Kakerdaja bog

I went to Kakerdaja bog to take pictures of the sunrise.

Beforehand, there was a lot of preparation to figure out what day would be the best place to go to the bog. The conditions were that the cloud cover should not be too dense and there should be fog. One weather forecast was different from the other. I then made the final choice based on the Norwegian and Estonian Weather Service’s predictions.

There was quite a lot of fog on the road when driving, but there was not so much of it in the bog. But I got the pictures taken.

For the first time, I also put my new headlamp to the test, because I got to the bog when it was still dark. I can be satisfied with the headlamp because the lighting power was good.

When I arrived, the voices of birds could be heard in the bog. The more I got closer to the bog, the louder and to some extent creepier these voices became. At one point, however, the birds realized that someone was approaching. Flocks of birds took flight. There must have been thousands of birds in the flocks.

I took pictures in the bog with both camera and drone. I was alone in the bog, but when I started to go away, a bus full of young nature enthusiasts arrived.

Pictures taken with the camera:

Sunrise in Kakerdaja bog.

Sunrise in Kakerdaja bog.

Migratory birds flying to warm land.

Photos taken with the drone:

Sunrise over Kakerdaja bog.

Wood on the edge of Kakerdaja bog.


Sunrise in Kakerdaja bog.

Kakerdi lake (Kakerdaja lake).

On the way back, I stopped again by the road to capture hay bales with the drone and the interesting patterns in the field.

Hay bales and patterns in the field.