Maarjamäe and Pirita

I went on a small photo trip at Maarjamäe and Pirita.


The first destination was Maarjamäe Castle Park. There were no visitors in the park, but some staff were tidying the park: some cut the hedges, some cleaned the roads. But in general there were very few people.

I clicked quite a lot of pictures in the park, mainly of different details.

I walked on to the edge of the park, where Soviet-era monuments had been collected. There I took pictures of those that the position of the sun allowed me to.

It was time to move on towards a new memorial to the victims of communism. When I got there, there was also silence. Only two people were there besides me. Of course great for taking pictures.

The memorial was beautiful and magnificent. I think a good idea and solution.

When the memorial had been visited I walked to the Soviet-era memorial. Now it was time to take the drone out of the bag and fly it a little.


The next destination was Pirita, first the riverside behind the monastery. To get to the desired place, I had to drive a little along Kloostrimetsa road and then walk a bit on the health trails.

I didn’t even take pictures with a regular camera there. I just let the drone work.

Next I drove to the Pirita center. I parked my car and walked by the river for a while. I sat in the former grandstand and let the drone fly again.

In the meantime, I had to bring the drone to the ground as the battery was running low. The new battery was inserted and the flight could continue. I now flew the drone in a slightly different direction.

Thus the trip was coming to an end. By the way, this time I used my new photo bag for the first time. It seemed pretty comfortable, but of course it was heavy.

Put the things in the car and headed back home.

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