Sunset at Ninamaa

The weather forecasts allowed good clouds at sunset, so I had to take advantage of it and go take pictures of the sunset. But where to go then? I decided in favor of Suurupi, more precisely Ninamaa. I packed things up and set off. Since this was a new place […]

Early spring in nature

I was thinking of going on a slightly longer trip, but contrary to the weather forecast, the weather was by no means what was promised. Therefore, the longer trip was cancelled and I decided to go not far from home to the forest. There was no specific purpose for taking […]

The first sunset of spring

The plan was to take pictures of the first sunset of this spring. It couldn’t happen in the very first days of spring, but I managed to go during the first week. Choosing the right day is not an easy task. I looked at one weather forecast and then another […]


One cloudy and somewhat windy day, I wanted to go somewhere to take pictures. Didn’t want to go very far. There were many different places in my mind, but the seaside area of Laulasmaa won. So I decided to go. I’ve been in the area before, but not on spot. […]

A walk in the woods on the first day of spring

Upon the beginning of spring I went for a walk in the woods. I didn’t go anywhere far, just I went to the forest near home. There were already the first signs of approaching snowfall and increasing winds. As the plan was to capture the first signs of spring with […]

Rummu quarry and ash-hill

This time I decided to go to Rummu quarry and ash hill. I also thought at length about whether to apply for a permit to fly a drone for a trip there. As the area there is located near the Ämari air base, you must apply for a permit to […]

Water Droplets on Glass

This time I decided to take pictures of water drops on glass at home. Easy method and no special tools required. What I used: a camera with a macro lens, a glass plate, books for holding the plate, a tripod and a tablet. In addition, a windshield washer fluid to […]

I photographed dripping water

Work at home continues. This time I took pictures of dripping water. For previous experiments, I had obtained suitable container, which I could use again. I achieved different colours in the pictures thanks to the coloured background papers.

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