Sunset at Ninamaa

The weather forecasts allowed good clouds at sunset, so I had to take advantage of it and go take pictures of the sunset. But where to go then? I decided in favor of Suurupi, more precisely Ninamaa.

I packed things up and set off. Since this was a new place for me to take pictures of the sunset, I took the time to get acquainted with the place just before sunset. That’s why I arrived an hour and a half earlier. Since it was a day off, there was a lot of people there, but fortunately not so much as to interfere with my taking pictures.

On this trip I also got acquainted with Ninamaa waterfall. There were quite a few visitors to it.

While the most beautiful colors usually appear in the sky after the sun has set, this time it was a little different. The prettiest colors were visible when the sun was still above the horizon.

When the pictures were taken I drove back home.

Here then are the pictures this time: