One cloudy and somewhat windy day, I wanted to go somewhere to take pictures. Didn’t want to go very far. There were many different places in my mind, but the seaside area of Laulasmaa won. So I decided to go. I’ve been in the area before, but not on spot.

I packed things up and also checked whether the drone could be flown there. It turned out that the area is where a permit to fly is needed, then the drone stayed home this time. And I set off. It was the first weekend after the introduction of stricter corona rules, therefore I was afraid that there would be a lot of people there. Fortunately, this fear did not materialize. I don’t have anything against people otherwise, but it’s hard to take pictures when people are in the view.

When I arrived, I found a parking space for the car and set off toward the sea. The destination was the beach where the Tõllupea stone is located.

The forest road was quite icy and difficult to walk on. But I got there. It was windy by the sea, but nothing crazy. The weather was very cloudy, so the light did not help the pictures. But I managed to get some things photographed.

Tõllupea rock.
Tõllupea rock.

When the pictures were taken, I headed back to the car. Before the drive, also a small lunch. Both when going on the trip and returning, I drove through Keila-Joa. When going, there were 2 cars in the parking lot but on the way back, I couldn’t count them all. In other words, the people were on the move.