The first sunset of spring

The plan was to take pictures of the first sunset of this spring. It couldn’t happen in the very first days of spring, but I managed to go during the first week. Choosing the right day is not an easy task. I looked at one weather forecast and then another and then a third. Each one talked a little differently about cloud cover. But I still decided to go and had no regrets later. I chose Türisalu as my destination.

I started from Tallinn and drove straight to Türisalu. I parked my car and walked to the sea. The weather was nice and the clouds were exactly as they should be. It wasn’t too cloudy and not completely cloudy, so I could hope for a nice play of colours.

I arrived about half an hour before sunset, so it was time to find the right place. I also took pictures a little before the actual sunset, but in the meantime I also walked around a bit to find something for close-ups. However, nothing special caught my eye in this regard.

When the pictures were taken, I drove back home.