Saaremaa vol. 1

I visited Saaremaa this summer. It was a day trip. Left early in the morning and returned late at night.

The itinerary looked like this: Tallinn – Virtsu – Orissaare – Leisi – Angla – Karja – Pärsama – Valjala – Kahtla – Laimjala – Pöide – Tornimäe – Liiva – Virtsu – Tallinn. These were all bigger places I went to. At the same time, there were all sorts of smaller places I passed through.

The trip started quite early to reach Muhumaa by 10 o’clock.

The first stop to take the photo was at Nautse. There I took a photo of the Nautse bus stop.


I went on to Orissaare. This was the first major stop on the trip to Saaremaa. The plan was to take photos first with a regular camera, and later to take pictures with a drone.

I walked around the center of Orissaare, taking pictures of all the places I had planned.

Meanwhile, the sun began to peek through the clouds. From then on, the weather became clearer and the sun shone all day.

Next I headed to the port area of Orissaare.

When I had taken the pictures with the camera, it was time to send the drone in flight.

Now it was time to leave Orissaare. The direction was towards Leisi. Taaliku’s cute bus stop was on the way.

Taaliku bus stop.


I didn’t stay at Leisi very long. I have been there a lot before and there have been no special changes there. The bus stop and the former watermill were captured.

The next bigger place was the Angla windmill park, where I had planned to take pictures with a drone. Before that, I went to Meiuste to take a picture of a church (Christian and Baptist Church of the Gospel).

I will write the continuation of the trip in the following posts: Saaremaa vol. 2 ja Saaremaa vol. 3

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