Saaremaa vol. 3

This post is a continuation of previous Saaremaa posts: Saaremaa vol. 1 ja Saaremaa vol. 2


The target was the church in Pöide. Initially, I had also thought of going to the stronghold there, but I cancelled this time. I’ve been there before.

First I walked inside the church a bit and captured some things.

When I had finished with the church, I flew the drone.


A bus stop, a Soviet-era clubhouse and a shop were captured in pictures at Tornimäe. Then I flew the drone again, mainly near the church.


In order to take pictures of the strait Väike väin, I drove the car into a pocket there. And the drone flew. The wind had gotten a little stronger, but it was still within the limits where I dared to let the drone fly.


At Liiva, I planned to walk around the church a bit. I photographed the church and the “Muhu slippers” in the nearby green area. I took pictures both from the ground and from the air.

Then I flew the drone.

Even before I arrived at Kuivastu, I captured the “Angel of Muhu” by the road.


I arrived at the Kuivastu harbour half an hour earlier than necessary with a pre-purchased ticket. Therefore, I parked the car in the port’s parking lot and walked around a bit. The previous ferry was still in the port and was preparing to leave. Then I took the drone out again and made a few clicks.

Then there was the 25-minute ferry ride and afterwards, the road drive toward home could begin. On the way, I took a picture of a police car.

Then I headed straight home. The trip lasted about 14 hours altogether. I took a total of 376 pictures.

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