Saaremaa vol. 2

This post is a continuation of the previous Saaremaa post: Saaremaa vol. 1


After leaving the Meiuste, the direction was towards the Angla windmill park. I have visited this wind farm repeatedly, but I have never taken pictures with a drone there before. That was the purpose of this visit. I parked the car in the parking lot and let the drone fly.


Next was a short drive to Karja Church. I could also enter the church that day and was able to take pictures there.

When the church had been inspected from the inside and outside, I let the drone fly again.

From there, I drove to the village of Pärsama. I also took a few pictures there and the next goal was Valjala.


The main goal at Valjala was to fly the drone. A flight permit from the Civil Aviation Administration is required to fly there. I had received it nicely, and now all that was left was to use this opportunity. I parked my car in the parking lot next to Valjala Church and called the Kuressaare air traffic control tower. There it was checked whether a permit to fly had been issued in my name and the drone was allowed to fly.

When I had finished flying the drone, I called back to the Kuressaare air traffic control tower. I passed on the information that I had finished flying. In total, the flight lasted about 25 minutes.

Construction work was being carried out in Valjala Church, but it was also possible to enter.


Kahtla was a place I didn’t really plan to go to, but since there was time, I passed through. I took pictures of the church, the cemetery chapel and the Soviet monument in the cemetery.


At Laimjala, I went to see the Debora Vaarandi Park.

Next, the trip took me to Pöide, Tornimäe, the dam of Väike väin strait, Liiva and Kuivastu. I will write about them in the next post.

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