Seli bog

I took a small trip to Seli bog. It is located in Paide parish in Järva County and is part of the Simisalu-Matsimäe nature trail.

The purpose of this trip was to get acquainted with the bog, not so much to take pictures. I hadn’t been there before, so I wanted to see what the access road and the bog looked like in general. In other words, would it make sense to return there to take pictures.

The trip started from Tallinn and when I got there I chose a slightly more complicated road, i.e. I started to approach the bog from the direction of the Paunküla water reservoir. A rather narrow 15 km long road led there from the Paunküla reservoir. The road was pretty normal, not so bumpy.

The first object that caught my eye was the Kautla memorial.

Kautla memorial.

Kautla memorial.

Kautla memorial.

The drive continued towards Seli bog. It took quite a long time to cross 15 km along a forest road. I finally arrived. I took the photo equipment with me and went to the bog.

I didn’t meet a single soul there that day.

At the beginning of the boardwalk, such a mailbox greeted me.

Seli bog boardwalk.

Pine by the bog lake.

Seli bog lookout tower.

Then the drone began to fly over the bog.

Seli bog lake.

Seli bog lakes and boardwalk.

I took more pictures and then it was time to move on. Matsimäe Pühajärv lake was next on the road.

View of Matsimäe Pühajärv lake.

Next I started moving towards Tallinn. Now there was a much better road to the Tallinn-Tartu highway. The end of this road reached exactly where the Tallinn-Tartu road became four-lane.

But before I got all the way back, I stopped at the road once more and made another flight with a drone.

Tallinn-Tartu road.

Tallinn-Tartu road.

The weather was not great that day. It was cloudy all the time, the wind was strong. But the purpose of this trip was not really to take pictures, but to get to know Seli bog.

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