Autumny Pirita

There came an opportunity and a wish to go to Pirita to the forest and the Pirita river. I picked the most suitable day and drove there. The aim was to photograph trees and riverside life. I didn’t go for a simple walk. I had been to some places there before. However, some places were new and I had researched those previously on the Internet.

The trip was nice and I had no regrets. I got gorgeous oaks and autumn colours in the picture. I took pictures with both a camera and a drone.

Although I have purchased new camping equipment this year, there are still some things missing. Namely, I have to get better gloves, at best the ones for photographers. Vallerret’s photographer’s gloves have caught my eye, but they are quite expensive. We’ll see what choice I will make eventually.

Now to the photos taken that day. First, the photos taken with cameras and then with a drone.

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