Spring arrived in the woods of Astangu

Before this photo trip, I took a walk to the same place 3 days earlier. Immediately the day after my first visit to the same area, a heat wave arrived in Estonia. This meant that nature could begin to grow at full speed. This could also be seen on my walk this time. The forest undergrowth had completely turned green in 3 days, the trees were growing leaves and a huge number of flowering plants under the trees.

Basically, I followed the same path as last time, only in some places I went a little differently.

The weather was very warm and sunny that day, only the wind slightly disturbed the close-ups. This time I had also taken with me a new larger diffuser (diameter 80 cm), which significantly helped to take close-up photos, diffusing bright sunlight.

I mainly took close-up photos that day, plus some pictures of the forest.