Sunset at Suurupi

Again, I had plans to go take pictures of the sunset. I thought of several destinations for myself, but I made the choice in favour of Suurupi. Now it was necessary to find the right day when one could see a beautiful sunset.

The day I went to Suurupi, there was really no sign that I should drive there just that evening. The weather forecasts allowed cloudy weather, and even looking out of the window, one could not foresee the sunset. But then suddenly the weather began to clear, and the sun came out. The sky didn’t get quite clear, which is great for taking sunset pictures. Now I had to set off quickly. I arrived about 15 minutes before sunset. I took some pictures before the sun disappeared behind the horizon and then moved on a little along the shoreline, looking for the perfect place to take pictures.

I was still there about an hour after sunset. When there were quite a few people on the beach when I arrived in Suurupi, I was one of the last people to leave. The way back to the car was already quite dark.

The sunset wasn’t very colourful, but I could take a lot of pictures and I think they turned out really cool.