Männiku and Lake Kõnnu

This week I took a small trip to Männiku on the border of Tallinn and Kõnnu lake in Rapla County. First of all, it was a research trip, that is, I wanted to find new places to go to take pictures in the future. I found some places, so the hike can be considered a success. I didn’t just walk, also took pictures.

First Männiku. I walked around in the woods and also at the edge of the quarry. Walking on the edge of the quarry was a challenge in itself. The reason was that the weather was windy and the trucks driving in the quarry created a proper cloud of dust, all moving towards me. I guess I should have put on a mask.

I also found some good places in the quarry that I plan to take pictures of in the future. I took pictures in the woods, too. Mainly close-ups of tree leaves, blue hepaticas and wood-anemones. The time was mainly spent taking close-up photos.

In total, I spent a couple of hours in the Männiku forest. It was very nice and interesting and I plan to go back there soon. But it was time to move on that day. Destination Kõnnu lake. On the way, I also thought about flying the drone in Kohila, but since the wind seemed too strong, I gave up on this plan.

So I drove straight to Lake Kõnnu near Kohila, in fact to the parking lot of the hiking trail. I hadn’t been there before, so there was plenty to explore. After a short walk, I reached a tree-felling place that the hiking trail passed. Quite frankly, it left a depressing impression. Some other people who had expressed this on the signs seemed to share this view.

I moved quietly towards the lake. The weather was very windy, so I had to give up the idea of flying the drone over the bog and the lake, but I walked halfway around the lake. Didn’t complete the circle around the lake. First of all, because there is no boardwalk around this lake, and secondly, I did not have the appropriate shoes to move on wet ground. But that was not the purpose of my trip. Some pictures I still took.

On the way back from the lake to the parking lot, I took pictures of more blue hepaticas, which were quite abundant in the forest. Some of the tree branches on which the leaves were emerging also captured on my camera’s memory card.

Before heading back I had some lunch and then there was the drive home.

It was an interesting short hike. The goal was achieved because I found some new photographing places for myself. As the weather was very windy that day, unfortunately the drone could not be flown and it was difficult to take close-up photos.