Oak wood at Saue and the Vanasauna cascade

I thought for a long time where to go this time and the choice fell on the Saue oak grove. I also went there in the winter (link to the winter post) and already then I decided to go there when the snow is gone. And so began my little day trip with a walk.

I packed things up, took what I needed to go, and set off. I didn’t stop anywhere else, but drove straight to the Saue oak grove. I parked the car and the walk could begin. This trip took place on the warmest day of this spring so far. Although the temperature was high, the weather didn’t seem so warm due to the wind.

The oak was still quite bare and the forest underneath was brown. Only blue hepaticas and a few wood-anemones added color to the forest floor. The main object of photography was blue hepaticas, which took quite a long time. If otherwise the weather was relatively cloudy, it was during the shooting of the blue hepaticas that the sun appeared. But when taking close-ups, the bright sun is not your best friend. It’s like Murphy’s rule.

In total, it took a few hours to walk in the oak grove and take pictures. Then I returned to the car and drove to Saue manor. There I planned to fly my drone. I took some drone photos of the manor and the surrounding buildings.

I decided to take a different route back. I intended to go and find out what the possibilities were for accessing the Vanasauna waterfall. Due to lack of time, I just looked around to see where the waterfall was and how to get there. I didn’t think I would get close to this waterfall that day, because the previous information was that it would not be so easy. But once I’ve been to the site, it’s easier to explore the maps further and look for new opportunities.

However, I managed to take a few pictures of this waterfall. This was according to the access possibilities of that day.