KUMU and Kadriorg

On July 27, 2020, I went to take pictures with a drone at KUMU and in Kadriorg.

First I went to the upper parking lot of KUMU (Valge street). I prepared the drone in the car and then I got closer to KUMU. I let the drone fly. But soon it turned out that there were so many distractions at KUMU that communication with the drone was soon cut off. Nothing to do, the drone has been ordered to return to where it started to fly in case of problems. I caught the drone, put amplifiers on the remote control antennas and tried again. This time the situation was much better and the flight could begin. I flew the drone a little in one direction and another above KUMU. I took the pictures.

The drone was in flight for about 15 minutes. Then I moved on a little closer to Kadriorg, to the stairs of KUMU. Again, sent the drone to fly and took pictures. The reason why I changed the location is that the drone must be visible at all times when flying in Tallinn, one must not fly it behind a house or forest. The drone can also go up to 250 meters from the pilot. Like it or not, these are the rules.

I was in a new place now. The drone took off again. The lighthouse, two palaces and views towards the song festival grounds were captured in the picture.

This drone flight lasted about 20 minutes.

Then I packed things up. I went down the stairs to Kadriorg. The walked to Mikkel Museum. There was a good place to put the bag to take out the drone and get everything ready. There were no other people in this place either. And it went up flying again. The pictures include Kadriorg palace, the Presidential palace, a pond with fountains and various views of the city.

I brought the drone down and packed my things. Back up the stairs to Valge street. When I reached the street, I was not satisfied yet and made another short drone flight. This time over Laagna road.

Then I brought the drone down. I packed things up and returned home. Thus ended the photo tour.

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