A walk in Tallinn

On August 17, 2020, I went to the old town of Tallinn to take pictures. I took pictures with both a camera and a drone. The first destination was Tallinn Town Hall. I had photographed it with a drone before, but then the sun was not shining from the best direction. Now I went to take pictures of the wind vane Old Thomas again. I went to the old town at 9 o’clock. The place was quite deserted, so it provided an opportunity to peacefully fly my drone.

Old Thomas.

When Old Thomas had been photographed, I flew the drone a bit by St. Nicholas Church as well. One has to be careful there, because one side of St. Nicholas Church is already in the no-fly zone, where one has to have a permit.

St. Nicholas church.

I packed things up and left the old town. The next destination was seaplane harbour (Lennusadam). Two cruise ships had been standing nearby for several weeks: AIDAAURA and AIDACARA. I also tried to take a picture of them with a drone.

AIDAAURA and AIDACARA in the Gulf of Tallinn.

Again, packed my things up. The next destination was the Balti railway station. I tried to get a picture of the trains with a drone. Unfortunately, there were not many of them there (only 2).

Trains at the Baltic station.

Flying at the Balti railway station was not an easy task, as the connection with the drone tended to be lost. But using connection boosters I got my flight flown.

I packed things up and returned home.