Pae park and Laagna road

On July 20, 2020, I went to Pae Park in Tallinn to take pictures with a drone. It can be put like that, because I was there, and the drone also flew over Laagna road.

To fly at this location, you must have a one-time permit to fly and have completed Zone 9 training. I’ve done all that. Zone 9 is an area in and around Tallinn where a drone may be flown up to a height of 60 meters without immediate coordination. There is also a so-called bow tie area where flying is permitted only if there is coordination with the Civil Aviation Administration. This area also partly affects the pond in Pae Park. I did not request this coordination, so I made sure that the drone did not get into the area.

The weather was cloudy that day, but calm. As a result, the photos taken that day were somewhat gloomy.

So I drove to Pae Park. I walked to the park and tried to fly the drone. But then the nonsense started. The drone software wanted me to have extra permission. I then had to start applying for it through my tablet and smartphone. The internet was poor, the app didn’t open properly. In total, this mess lasted about 20 minutes. Since this was my first time in such a situation, I was stupid myself. Now I know how to do all this procedure quickly.

Eventually, the drone flew and photographing could begin.

Pond and bridge in Pae park.

View of Lasnamäe from Pae park.

Pond and bridge in Pae park.

Laagna road.

Pae park.

Laagna road.

After taking pictures, I gathered my things and headed home.

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