Noctilucent clouds in Tallinn

The purpose of this time’s photo trip was to capture noctilucent clouds. I had already taken pictures of them a few weeks earlier at Suurupi. But now the plan was to choose a slightly different landscape. For this, I had prepared several new destinations for myself, two of which I […]

The buds of tree leaves are opening

Spring has now advanced so far that the tree leaves are coming out of their buds. The leaves-to-be are no longer too small nor at the same time too large, which is why I went to take pictures of the opening tree leaves. In particular, the leaves of the horse […]

Spring-time birch leaves

I took a short walk in a nearby forest. There was no goal to find anything very special, I rather walked and looked around. The first signs of spring are already visible, but most of them were not worth capturing. However, the first leaves of a birch tree caught my […]

A walk in the woods on the first day of spring

Upon the beginning of spring I went for a walk in the woods. I didn’t go anywhere far, just I went to the forest near home. There were already the first signs of approaching snowfall and increasing winds. As the plan was to capture the first signs of spring with […]

Autumny Pirita

There came an opportunity and a wish to go to Pirita to the forest and the Pirita river. I picked the most suitable day and drove there. The aim was to photograph trees and riverside life. I didn’t go for a simple walk. I had been to some places there […]

Vahiküla and Keila

This trip wasn’t really intended for photographing, but exploring a few new possible shooting locations. In other words, I had looked up some interesting places on maps that could be photographed in suitable weather, and now I wanted to look at the reality. There were a few trees of interest […]