New tripod

The first thing I want to say is that this is not a sponsored article. I have paid for the photo equipment myself. The reason I wrote this post is because many photographers like to watch and read about what photographing or camping equipment others are using. I like it […]

Which lenses do I use?

I have been asked a lot about which lens one or another picture was taken with. That’s why I’m writing about the lenses I use on a daily basis in this post. I bought all the lenses myself, so this is not a sponsored post. In general, I have 2 […]

How I do I prepare for my photo trips?

I thought I’d write down how I prepare for the photo trips this time. Not what I take or leave behind, but the part where I go to take pictures at all. Spontaneously, I rarely go to take pictures, but it also happens, especially when some special weather phenomenon is […]

My photo bag

Now I have a new photo bag. I was wondering for a long time what kind of photo bag to get. I watched a lot of YouTube videos. One name “Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II” started going through there again and again. This bag was also available in Estonia and […]

New tripods

I bought new tripods for my photo equipment. The leg broke of the old one was broken. It could still be used, but it was a good pain, because one leg of the tripod was not attached properly. Before I had a tripod, now I also have a small Manfrotto […]