New tripod

The first thing I want to say is that this is not a sponsored article. I have paid for the photo equipment myself. The reason I wrote this post is because many photographers like to watch and read about what photographing or camping equipment others are using. I like it too. It gives you the opportunity to discover new things you wouldn’t otherwise be able to look for. As I write this text, I hope that someone else will benefit from my experience.

In time, the expectations to photographing equipment change. One of my constant tools is the tripod. So far, I have used a tripod called the Sirui Traveler T-1004XL, but it wasn’t enough. I can’t say that it was a bad tripod, but my expectations to a tripod have changed. The Sirui tripod will continue to among my equipment, because if I need a lighter tripod, I will take the Sirui with me.

But now I’ve started to use a slightly bigger and heavier tripod called Vanguard Alta Pro 2+. Why did I choose this tripod? The recommendations of other photographers became a good reason. I learned that name and then started to look into this tripod. I watched Youtube videos, read articles, etc. And I started to like this tripod more and more.

This tripod is stronger than my previous tool, so it holds the heavier lens better in place. What makes this tripod special, however, is the center column, which can be moved in all directions (especially good for close-ups).

I’ve been using this tripod for a while now. It is sold in very different variants. Mine has three leg sections, is of aluminium and with a BH-250 ball head.

This tripod is too heavy and big for simple travelling, but for trips with a lot of picture-taking, this tripod has justified itself. It stays well put in stronger winds and, as mentioned earlier, it can also hold heavier photo equipment (camera and lens) and, of course, a very cool central column. The tripod also comes with a bag, but I find it strange. Anyway, I don’t use it.