Kaberneeme and Jägala waterfall

I had been planning to go to Kaberneeme to take pictures for some time, and this week I realized that plan. There were 3 destinations: the top of the Kaberneeme peninsula, a wooded area between Kaberneeme and Ihasalu, and on the way back the plan was to hop by the Jägala waterfall.

I started driving from Tallinn and in about 45 minutes I was at my destination, at the top of the Kaberneeme peninsula. The weather was cloudy and the sun was not visible, the weather on one side of the peninsula was relatively calm, but on the other side it was quite windy. In the distance you could also see the fog, which the eye could not distinguish much, but the camera did.

At the top of the peninsula I walked around a bit and took some pictures too. In addition, I flew my drone, also over Koipsi Island. This meant a back and forth distance of about 2.5 km for the drone. I also noticed some interesting lichens and plants, which I captured with a macro lens.

Koipsi island.

Koipsi island.

Koipsi island.

Next I went on to the forests between Kaberneeme and Ihasalu. I was hoping to get something interesting with a macro lens, but I didn’t notice anything special. I still took some pictures. There was still a lot of snow and ice in the forests.

Before I started driving to Jägala waterfall, there was a small lunch break.

When lunch was over, I drove to the waterfall. The waterfall was powerful, the water flowed down from the waterfall almost in the entire width. There were quite many lookers-on, too.

And now the plan for that day was fulfilled. The way home followed.