Keila waterfall and frozen plants on Pakri peninsula

Often my photo trips are such that I go to a specific place and look around for what I can get in the picture, but this time was slightly different. I knew the destinations and I also knew what I wanted in the picture.

So there were two destinations for this photo trip: Keila waterfall and the top of Pakri peninsula, where I was hoping to capture frozen plants.

In terms of variety, this time the weather was sunny. This made things more colourful. I set things up and started my journey from Tallinn. The first destination was Keila waterfall. As it was a workday morning, only a few people had come to see the Keila waterfall. I put my equipment in place and took the photos I wanted.

I also had a wish to take a picture of the waterfall with a drone. In the morning I checked on the computer if it could be done there and Keila waterfall is just outside the Ämari flight zone. So I was able to take my pictures above the waterfall without having to apply for a permit to fly.

In addition, I took pictures of the Keila-Joa manor. With both a camera and a drone.

When the Keila waterfall was photographed, I headed straight for the Pakri peninsula. I parked the car and started searching. Namely, I wanted to reach a place where a small stream flows out of the cliff. When the wind is strong, it blows some of the water back onto the cliff and all the bushes and plants nearby become frozen. I had visited this place before, but since it happened a long time ago, I had to do a little research to find the place. Since I knew the approximate direction, finding a place was not a big problem.

As I arrived I was greeted with a miraculously pretty ice world. The sun also shone beautifully, making the frozen plants shine nicely. But since the clouds also crept closer to the sunshine, not much time could be wasted. The pictures had to be taken quickly. This time I took pictures with three different lenses to get everything nicely recorded.

Now it was time to take out the macro lens.

When I got the the frozen plants photographed, it was time to start moving back. When I got back to the car, a had a small lunch. I boiled water with a travel cooker and prepared hot food for myself.

When the stomach was full, the way home followed. It was a great photo trip, with very special memories.