Colourful sunset at Suurupi

The sunsets in February are usually very colourful, but there hasn’t been too much sunshine this year. But on the day I went to Suurupi, everything worked out great. Of course, I didn’t go there to photograph the sunset without knowing that sunshine was expected. I looked at several weather forecasts before, also the possible percentage of clouds with apps, and then based on that, I decided it was the right time to go.

I took photos and food with me and set off. The main concern was where to put the car, because in the case of a thick layer of snow, it is not easy to find a parking space. You don’t leave the car in the middle of the road.

When I arrived, I tried to find a place for the car. It was not easy, because only a narrow part of the road had been cleared. So I had to dig a parking space into the snow so that the car could be left next to the road. It was not an easy task and once the car got stuck in the snow. It took about 30 minutes to find and dig a parking space. Fortunately, I was there early enough not to miss anything beautiful.

When the car was parked, I set off by the sea, a place I knew from earlier. The weather was cold, -12 ° C, in addition to wind. When moving around, this temperature is not a major concern, but if you have to stand still, it gets tough.

I also walked around a bit in advance to find interesting compositions. It took about 30 minutes. By the time I found the right place, the golden hour had already begun and it was about 35 minutes until sunset. I put the camera on a tripod and waited. At the same time, I warmed up some water for myself and prepared hot food. It was a pretty fun activity because it allowed me to move myself a little too. When I had eaten the hot food, I immediately felt better. From time to time I took pictures too.

The colours that the sunset produced that day were very special. There were a lot of unusual purple-pink tones, which created pleasant hues on both the snow and the rocks.

I took a total of 26 photos that evening. It was very cold weather, but I had taken it into account and had all the necessary clothes on to deal with the cold. The view was great and the effort paid off.

During the blue hour, I didn’t stay on to take pictures anymore. The cold tolerance began to “run out” and it was time to go back.