Tilgu Caves

This little photo trip took me to the Tilgu caves in Harju County. The trip was not long, only 1 kilometer, but there was plenty of sightseeing and climbing. The trip itself looked simple: Tallinn – Tilgu Harbour – Tallinn. I parked the car and went to the Tilgu caves. Before reaching the sea, one had to go down the cliff. I found a suitable place where people had gone down before. Fortunately, the place was covered only with snow, not ice, so the path down was quite OK.

When I had climbed down from the side of the cliff, I walked around a bit, going along the shore further from the starting point. I had to walk on ice which made suspicious crackles from time to time. At one point, the inevitable happened – I sank a little through the ice. The foot didn’t get wet, but it felt a little painful. But nothing serious happened and the trip could continue.

So I walked there by the sea for about 500 meters and then back the same way. I took photos from the ground and the air.

Occasionally I also took pictures with a macro lens.

And finally, it was the drone’s turn to take pictures.

When the pictures were taken, I had to go back the same way, also climbing up a little from the cliff side. It also went pretty smoothly. When I got to the car, I boiled water on a camping stove and made myself a meal. When I had finished lunching, I drove back home.