Snowy Suurupi

Originally, I had planned to go to Central Estonia to take pictures this week, but the lack of time forced me to abandon this plan. That’s why I made one smaller trip to Suurupi.

I was on this trip for only a couple of hours, it took about 4 hours together with the ride. The plan was to walk around a little by the sea and see what the cold and the water had created in the coastal area.

So I set off from Tallinn and drove straight to Suurupi. While the weather in Tallinn was cold and calm, when arriving in Suurupi, the destination greeted me, in addition to the cold, also with a fairly strong wind. Luckily, it blew in such a direction that I could take pictures undisturbed. I walked along the land about 500 meters from the car and then came back along the seafront.

And these are the masterpieces nature had created 🙂

A bit of macro photography too. Close-up of ice.

A bit of macro photography too. Close-up of ice.

Before the return journey began, I went by the Suurupi fire control tower. I also took some pictures there.


I also took a picture on the way back to the car.

And then the journey back home began.