Pakri pensinsula and Pakri waterfall

Among my top three plans had been the Pakri peninsula and, in particular, Pakri waterfall. I hadn’t taken pictures of this waterfall in the middle of winter, so now I had to make this plan a reality.

So the purpose of this trip was only the Pakri peninsula. I was going to walk there for a while, so I didn’t set any other destinations for myself. At the same time, there were also surprises on the way, which I will talk about a little later.

I chose the most suitable day. There were 2 conditions in particular: weak winds and no precipitation. Of course, the sunshine and the accompanying sunset would also have been nice, but it is difficult to find all this at once this winter.

I started my journey from Tallinn and drove to Paldiski through Keila, in other words, along the Paldiski highway. I left home at about 10 o’clock and arrived at about 11:30. The reason it took so long was that there was a very dense fog on the road, shortly after Hüüru. It was a pretty special sight and I wanted to capture it. Finding a place for the car became a problem. The area where the fog occurred was not large, so I had to find a parking space nearby. However, this was not an easy task, especially on a high-traffic road. You can’t just roll slowly and look for a suitable opportunity. Fortunately, I found a suitable place after reading the maps.

Driving on this snowy road, I found a way to park the car so that it would not get stuck in the snow. And then I took my pictures. At that time, the sun was also peeking from behind the clouds, so the pictures were pretty good.

Then the road led directly to the Pakri peninsula, where the RMK staircase was located, which gets one below the cliff. I parked my car there and walked around a bit. I didn’t go down the stairs this time because I didn’t want to climb. I already knew in advance that I would have more than enough of climbing that day.

When the pictures had been taken in this place, I drove a little further to the top of the peninsula, as far as I could. And then my longer walk began.

I walked a little off the parking lot and flew my drone above the edge of the cliff. I also took pictures in the same place in the autumn.

The hike continued towards Pakri waterfall. It wasn’t very far, so I was there pretty soon. Since I didn’t know if I could and would want to make the effort to walk to the waterfall alongside the sea waterfront later, I decided to take pictures of the waterfall with a drone. However, this was by no means an easy task, so I felt anxious. I don’t want to smash an expensive device. Fortunately, I found a good enough place on the cliff’s edge where the drone would be visible all the time. The problem there was the wind and the trees. I had to be very careful not to fly into a tree. Luckily everything went well and the pictures got to be taken. Only once a slightly more anxious situation arose where the drone got too close to the tree branches.

Now I advanced along the edge of the cliff. One path went a little below the edge of the cliff, and I took it. The hope was that maybe I would be able to go down to the sea somewhere. Eventually I found such a place. I climbed down to the sea. It is difficult to accurately assess, but I think I was 300-400 meters away from the waterfall. This distance now had to be covered back along the sea shore. This task was not easy, because the beach was rocky and the rocks were slippery. Fortunately, the sea level was not very high. I used ice grippers to climb on the rocks to cope with the slipperiness. Although it is said that ice grippers wear out quickly when walking on rocks, I did not care. They don’t cost that much. Did not want to risk falling.

I didn’t measure the time, but this seaside walk lasted for about 30-45 minutes. Then I had reached Pakri waterfall, this time under the cliff. I didn’t wait for long. I immediately started taking pictures. That sight was pretty nice. This waterfall is not very rich in water, but in its icy state it made a pleasant memory.

When the pictures had been taken, I took a short break before returning, ate my muesli and drank hot tea. When that was done, I started going back the way I had come. I wasn’t alone this time. My companions were a couple of young swans. I walked on the rocks by the sea, they swam in the sea after me or beside me. Probably, they hoped to get some food out of me.

My follower.

My follower.

The way back was a little faster because the road was already familiar. In the meantime, I also flew the drone to capture the view there.

I got to the place where I had climbed down the cliff. Now I had to climb back up. There were no problems with it, there was no slipperiness.

Now I started moving towards the wind farm. There was quite a bit of walking there. Rather, the problem was walking in the snow. It is time consuming and tiring. In summer, this distance could certainly be covered many times faster.

Before I went to the wind farm, I also took a picture of a gas terminal in the distance.

My main goal at the wind farm was to fly the drone. I made quite a few flights there. The sun was setting at that moment.

The last destination was a fire control tower. I also took some pictures there.

It was already pretty dark. When I got to the car, I had a small lunch or rather dinner. And then I headed home.

The trip that day lasted about 8 hours. It was nice and interesting. The memories are pleasant and I got a lot of pictures.

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