Muraste and Suurupi

I took a small photo trip to Muraste and Suurupi. I visited two places I had never been to before: the sacred grove of Muraste and one coastal section in Suurupi.

The first place was Muraste sacred grove. I parked the car near Muraste manor and went to the woods. I had never been to this forest before. In fact it was quite ordinary. No very special emotions emerged. There were different signs by the road leading to different paths. Names such as “grass-snake trail”, “fox trail”, “squirrel trail”, “bog trail” were memorable. There were more of them, but cannot remember all.

The undergrowth was quite humid and therefore somewhat muddy, but could be walked on. The real annoyance were the deer flies, which were in abundance.

This time I took several pictures in the forest using ICM technique, in other words, I moved the camera while taking the picture.

On the way back to the car, I also captured the Muraste manor.

The trip continued to the lower lighthouse of Suurupi. I parked my car there and walked along the seafront to the destined place.